Thursday, November 15, 2012

Race report: Morton Plant Mease Hospital Prostate Cancer Awareness 10K

Why yes, I am writing up a race report TWO MONTHS after the race occured...what of it? :) Things have been a little hectic, so I'm just now catching up. This race was my first ever 10K (6.2 miles) and was step 2 in my "stepping stone" training plan to train for my half marathon in December. I ran two 10Ks in September and a 15K in October to work towards surviving a half marathon in December. It may not be the soundest training plan, but it's been working for me. Anyway, I was excited to make this my first 10K because my Dad is a 10+ year survivor of prostate cancer and I was proud to wear a shirt saying that I was running in his honor. (It's in the pic above.) The run was in through the ritzier neighborhoods of Clearwater (we ran by Hulk Hogan's old home twice), over the HUGE Clearwater Pass bridge (the same one I ran over for the Iron Girl 5K)and back to the hospital. When I turned around at the halfway point past the bridge I counted the runners behind me, then subtracted or added when I passed someone or was passed. I stayed ahead of an average of 15 runners for the second half of the race- way in the back, but not the caboose of the race. I ran at a steady pace for the first 5 miles, then I took a 5 minute walking break. I was so happy to see the finish line and to know that I had successfully completed my first 10K! Once I finished, I stopped to have my timing chip cut off and had to be held up by a priest who was volunteering at the finish line- my legs didn't want to stop after running 6.2 miles! Here is one more picture, this is when I saw my son and husband just a few feet from the finish line, I was happy to see them!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Race Report: WFYRC Beach Series- Race 4 (Clearwater Beach, Florida)

This past Friday was the final race in the summer beach race series I did. This one was very different from the other two races in the series that I did, thanks to a late June tropical storm that resulted in record levels of beach erosion that really resculpted the look of Clearwater Beach. This time, the race was a bit of an obstacle course- there were easily a half dozen times where the runners had to cross up to ankle deep trenches of water where the surf had encroached on the beach for many, many more feet than it used to. My shoes and socks were soaked by the time I finished! There was also a huge amount of seaweed carpeting the beach, it made for a wet, slippery, uneven running surface. I wore my new "Sweat Pink" tank, check out the link to the right of this blog entry for more information about the Sweat Pink movement to get women active. My son fixed my headphones so they stayed in place this time, but my Nike+ GPS program didn't work at all so the headphones didn't really serve their purpose for this race. I'm afraid my iPhone is almost ready to give up the ghost, lots of things are getting wonky on it. I finished in 36:50, which is a few seconds faster than my time in race #1- but that didn't involve all the water obstacles, so I'm calling this one an even better time. :) My next race is my first official 10K, the Morton Plant Hospital Prostate Cancer Awareness 5K and 10K race. That race is special to me because it was my very first race, two years ago (with a 5K time of 49 minutes, which I've now dropped down to 33 to 35 minutes for road races) and my Dad is a prostate cancer survivor of over 10 years so I enjoy doing a run that supports that cause. The race is just over a month away, I'm excited to conquer a new distance!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation is over and race report: Race for Grace 5K

While I was on vacation I got the chance to do a 5K outside of my home state for the first time, doing the Race for Grace 5K in Logansport, Indiana. I like the picture above because it actually shows me RUNNING with relatively fit people at the finish line, lol. I'm on the far right in the teal "Fight Like a Girl" shirt. The race was to raise funds for a 72 hour prayer and discipleship event that the church where the 5K was held does every year. This was also the first time I've done a 5K with a family member other than my husband. This time, my nephew (who is on the cross country team at his school and finished 6 minutes ahead of me), my sister in law and her father all did the 5K. Before it started, we were warned about "Holy Hill", a very steep hill with several churches on it that starts and ends the race. However, we were reminded that one the way back, once you get over Holy Hill, "the promised land" (the finish line) is just feet away. The coolest part of this 5K was the view from the top of that hill on the way out- from there, I could look down and see the hundreds of people ahead of me in the valley created by the hill, it was really a pretty sight. The two hills really did about do me in, with all of my races being in flat Florida I'm not used to those! I ended up coming in 147th place (almost exactly in the middle of the pack) with a time of 35:48 according to my chip. I somehow paused my Nike+GPS at around 2 1/2 miles, so the time on that was way off. The very best part of the race was the AWESOME post race snacks- grapes, apples, oranges and hundreds of amazing homemade cookies. I tracked every bit of it on WW, but I surely did enjoy using up 1/4 of my points for the day on those wonderful peanut butter/chocolate/oatmeal cookies. Way to go, church ladies! I was very careful on my eating while on vacation (I actually lost 2 pounds over the 3 weeks), but since I hadn't weighed in at WW since the beginning of June I showed a gain of 6 pounds and had a lapse in my lifetime member status. I had to pay for a week of WW and I'll continue to have to pay until I lose another 4 pounds to get to the high end of my goal range. Hopefully that will only take a few weeks, it's very disheartening to have to pay after striving for so many weeks to earn that "free" status. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation 2012...staying on track, on the road!

We're about 10 days into our 3 week summer vacation to my hometown in Indiana. We'll be in Indiana with my family for about 2 1/2 weeks, then we'll spend 5 days (two days of that is travel time) hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee before we come home. I need to drop about 3 pounds by the time we get home to keep my Weight Watchers lifetime membership intact, that's rough to do but I've tracked everything I've eaten and I've been able to stay within my points range. I've been walking almost every evening, so I'm getting a little activity in- nothing like my 50 activity points some weeks at home with my gym classes, but it's something. I did find a great snack/lunch idea that I've had almost every day. I take a Flat Out original light bread, and I spread a Laughing Cow lowfat cream cheese on it. Then I mix 2 tbsp of PB2 with 2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk and spread that on top of the cream cheese. Fold up the sides to hold in the cream cheese and PB2, then roll up. It makes a very peanut buttery treat, only 4 WW points and 16g of protein. Delicious! Today at church the pastor (who is also my brother's father in law) announced that he was doing a 5K next Saturday in the next town and of course my ears perked up at that. I got the information from him, and I just registered for it. It's the Race For Grace 5K, to raise funds for ministry events at a church. I'm very excited, it will be my first 5K in another state (for that matter, the first one outside my home county in Florida). I brought along all of my running gear just in case, so I'm all set. I'll be back with a race report after the race on Saturday.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Race Report: WFYRC Beach Series- Race 2 (Clearwater Beach, Florida)

I did the second beach race in the WFYRC series on Friday night, I improved my time over the previous race by a bit....not much, but any improvement is good! I started off running with one of my good friends from the gym, then I passed her a little bit and I was feeling really good about my pace. Suddenly I realized that my craptastic headphones that I had carefully threaded through my shirt, out my collar and into the one ear that I use during races had fallen out and were rapidly winding around my legs as a ran. My friend caught up with me, helped me extricate myself from my headphones and off she went. I never did catch up with her, and she ended up finishing about 2 minutes ahead of me as I struggled with my headphone cord and never did get it arranged right. We had a tropical storm off the coast, so while the wind was delightfully at our backs on the way out, it was a struggle coming back with the wind. (In fact, on Sunday the lifeguard shacks we ran past at the races came off their foundations and were adrift in the storm surge!)I was dragging a little on the way back, and for some reason I thought if I encouraged the runners just starting the race on the opposite side of the beach that I would gain a second wind. I saw a group in matching t-shirts that indicated they were in a weight loss challenge, they were clearly struggling. I ran up to one of them, yelled "way to go!" and went in for a high five. I startled him, and he veered into me so my high five was more of an elbow to the ribs. I turned to apologize, and noted that he was doing sign yeah, I totally nailed a deaf runner in the ribs. Go me! :( I don't have any pictures of this race, because my son (the official photog of my running support team) was gone at a yearbook seminar. We're leaving for vacation on Friday, so I'll miss the 3rd race in the series, but we'll be back in time for the final beach race the first week of August.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Race report: WFYRC Beach Series- Race 1 (Clearwater Beach, Pier 60)

I signed up for a summer beach race series, there are 4 races but I'll be on vacation for the July race so I'll do two in June and one in August. They all begin and end at beautiful Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach during the sunset festival that is held there each night. The races are run just inches from the water, at times you have to step quickly to the side if you'd like to avoid soaking your pricey running shoes in saltwater from the tide coming in. A friend who is a marathoner told me that beach races are harder and slower, and it surely was. It was a beautiful location, but not even half way in I got a wicked stitch in my side and nothing that I tried would clear it. So, I just focussed on finishing (and not falling in the sand castle moats that sprinkled the shoreline, THAT'S very important in this race series!) and didn't worry too much about my time. My finish time was 36:57, over 3:45 longer than my personal best. I have the second race in the series this coming Friday, I'm hoping to improve my time a bit and perhaps avoid that darn side stitch this time. The picture above is me after the race, you can see the pier where the start and finish line was under ("under the boardwalk...down by the sea..") right behind me, as well as my husband popping his head into the picture to say "it's raining, can we GO now?" :) I achieved my first "lifetime" monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers on June 2nd- you have to weigh in once a month within 2 pounds (up or down) of your goal weight to remain a lifetime (free) member. The receptionist noted that I don't have to weigh in again until sometime before July 31st, and something clicked in a bad place in my brain. I guess I got a little cocky because I decided I could "take a few days off" of WW to enjoy my anniversary and get through the last week of school. Bad move- when I went to my doctor's appointment 11 days later for a checkup, I was up over 10 pounds! (However, that was weighing in heavier clothes, with shoes on AND after eating lunch...but that surely can't account for ALL 10 of those pounds!) I've been hitting the gym hard since then and eating well and now I'm back to within 5-6 pounds of where I need to be before July 31st so things are looking up. I just have to keep reminding myself that there is NO "free week" allowed in maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss. To paraphrase the quote about the price of liberty, the price of maintaining long term weight loss is eternal (nutritional and exercise) vigilance.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lifetime member at last!

Tonight was my 6th week of WW maintenance after reaching my goal weight, and since I stayed within 2 pounds (up or down) of my goal weight at today's weigh in I became a lifetime member! (Best part of being a lifetime member= no more paying for Weight Watchers!) My final weight after maintenance was just 4/10th of a pound above my goal weight, to be a lifetimer I have to keep it within 2 pounds with a weigh in once a month. My total weight loss was 101 pounds and 7 pants sizes in 2 1/2 years. (From a size 22/24 to a 6/8...not sure how that is counted but I think it's 7 sizes.) When I weighed myself this morning I was still 2/3 of a pound too high to make lifetime so I got in a 4 mile run before the meeting and that did the trick. :) This picture is me with my Weight Watchers leader and the receptionist who has been so encouraging to me for the last year and a half or so. I plan on still attending a WW meeting every week, though I'll only weigh in once a month. :) I also had a dexascan (bone density test) today, I'll be interested to see if the weight loss, strength training and cardio I've been doing will show as improved bone density. I was told that I had osteopenia in my late 30s due to a tumor on my parathyroid that was somehow pulling the calcium out of my bones. My endocrinologist said that I had the bones of a woman in her late 50s- not a good thing to hear in your 30s. I had the parathyroid tumor removed, which improved my calcium and Vitamin D levels. This was the first dexascan after that, so I'll definitely be looking forward to the results of the dexascan in two weeks. It was funny, the lady doing the dexascan had my records from 3 years ago and she was concerned that she had the wrong file due to the big difference in the weights listed- over 100 pounds. Once I explained that it really was my file, she never quit asking me questions the whole time she was doing the dexascan, lol. I joined a local running club yesterday, mainly to get a discount on their series of beach 5K races this summer. They also offer Tuesday morning workouts (at 4:50 AM!) at the track at my old high school, so I may give that a try once I'm out of school for the summer in two weeks. Thanks for the support as I've stumbled through this maintenance phase of Weight Watchers, I hope that I'll continue to have it as I work on the "lifetime" WW part!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food find: Lipton vanilla caramel truffle black tea

I've been fighting a nasty flu/cold/whatever it is for six days now, so not much blogging has been happening. My weigh in this week showed a 2/10ths of a pound gain, but considering that I've just gotten back to the gym this AM that's understandable. I need to be down 2.4 pounds in the next two weeks to achieve lifetime member status at Weight Watchers, and since my weigh in (two days ago) I've lost half of that so it's looking good, especially once I kick this illness to the curb. Since I've been feeling ill I've been having a lot of tea, and I found a wonderful low WW point treat. It's **almost** Starbucks worthy (at least as far as hot drinks go), for a lot fewer points. (I really doubt that there is a points-friendly replacement for the heavenly frozen caramel fraps I have from Starbucks twice a week- love those things, and I'll continue to totally plan my Thursdays and Saturdays around them, points-wise.) I've been having this Lipton vanilla caramel truffle black tea with 16 ounces of hot water and I add 1 1/2 tablespoons of International Delights Coffee House Inspirations fat free skinny caramel macchiatto coffee creamer to it and stir well (if you don't stir well the creamer settles to the bottom- not a good thing.) The tea is 0 WW points, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of the creamer is 1 WW point. It's a great treat for 1 point, give it a try!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek maintenance report.....meh!

The last two days have been my most horridly "off program" days in over a year and a half, and just at the midpoint of my six weeks of maintenance....not the most opportune time to fly off the tracks. Things are getting stressful at work, and my son's freshman high school year is winding down in a hailstorm of project due dates, special events and final exam terror. I've responded to all of this by eating...a lot...of really, really bad things. In the last 48 hours I've had a mountain of chocolate covered expresso beans, banana split granola bars, chocolate chip cookies and homemade Reeses Cups the size of my fist. For reals. I have my weigh in tomorrow and I fully expect to have gained (best case scenario)a pound, most likely more. I was already over the "high end" of my maintenance range from my last weigh in so now I'll just be digging a deeper hole for my looming goal weight deadline at the end of May. I'm blogging this in the hopes that doing so will pull me out of whatever is making me screw up my hard work to lose these 101 pounds. Get back on track, stupid! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Restaurant review: Applebee's new Weight Watchers menu items & maintenance week 2 weight in

Last week, I was thrilled to find out that I had won an Applebee's $25 gift card on a giveaway on the blog Weight Watchers Wannabe. The point of the giveaway was to introduce Applebee's 3 new Weight Watchers Points Plus entree choices. So, when my son volunteered to run the lights, sound and video for his school prom tonight it seemed like a perfect time to make use of that gift card and enjoy a date night with my husband while our child was occupied for the evening. I chose the Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp (Weight Watchers PointsPlus value: 8). The Applebee's website describes it as: "a hearty portion of grilled chipotle lime shrimp and black bean corn salsa tossed with lime juice and chopped cilantro, served on a mix of grilled zucchini, marinated tomatoes, onions & red peppers with steamed white rice."
The shrimp was very good, especially the veggies, beans and corn salsa which was very flavorful. My only disagreement with the description is the phrase "a hearty portion"- I understand that portion control is a vital part of Weight Watchers, but there really wasn't a whole lot of food in this meal. I enjoyed the meal very much, but the fact is that I could have easily eaten two servings before I felt like I'd had a full meal. However, for 8 points it's a good deal in both price and points cost. My husband got the Cabernet Mushroom Sirloin (Weight Watchers PointsPlus value: 12). This is a Applebee’s 7 oz. grilled House Sirloin with sautéed Portobello mushrooms & onions in a Napa Valley Cabernet sauce with steamed herbed potatoes and garlic broccoli.
Same story here- the food itself was excellent, but my husband was still hungry once he'd eaten everything on his plate. As he said, that portion size was not intended for a full grown man such as himself. We ate at a little after 5 and by 6:30 we were both ready to eat again. In summary, the new Applebee's menu choices are very good, but be aware that they are not the most filling meals. I came home and enjoyed a yogurt/banana smoothie and some fresh fruit afterwards and I'm good. (My husband is planning a full additional meal, however- he's still quite hungry! Then again, he's also 6 foot 1 and 280 lbs so he can really consume some food!) :) The update on week 2 of maintenance at WW is that I'm up 1.2 pounds, for a total gain of 2.6 pounds since I started maintenance. However, this particular gain was earned- there were dietary transgressions this past week. Gloriously chocolaty transgressions at that, so I'm ok with the gain. For the week coming up I've lowered my daily points allowance back to my pre-goal range of 26 until I can get back to my goal weight. Then, I'll bump it back up 2 or 3 points to make a more focussed attempt at maintenance. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Iron Girl Clearwater 5K race recap

We had a very busy, but very wonderful weekend. We saw Rick Springfield in concert Saturday night at a park in Clearwater. We were worried about the weather, since the forecast called for thunderstorms, hail and flooding but we had a perfect window of calm weather to see Rick, then the rain started again literally moments after got in our car to head home after the show. As usual, Rick ventured out in the audience and shook as many hands as he could while singing. My friend of over 25 years, Dianne, got to (in her words) "assess the muscle tone of Rick's kidney area" when he paused in front of her and my husband got a handshake from Rick. I didn't have any "Rick contact" this time, but I've had it in the past (his obliques! I touched his obliques when he was in the crowd at a previous concert and I've also touched his shoulder with the beautiful Celtic cross tattoo....we Rick fans are a funny lot)so it was ok. Rick closed with my favorite song of his "Christina" so I was hyped! It was funny, there were two of my co-workers there and I think I shocked them a little with my frenzied singing, dancing and yelling at Rick. Heck, they saw me climbing over rows of rickety folding chairs to get to Rick- I bet they didn't expect that of their normally mild mannered school librarian! :) The morning after the Rick show, we got up at 5AM to head back to Clearwater for the Iron Girl 5K. The race started at 7:30, but to get a parking space we had to arrive quite early. It was very nicely organized, even with nearly 4,000 women running (between the 5K and the half marathon)things went quite smoothly. The race that I ran had 2,534 women running in it and it was REALLY packed tight for the first 3/4 of a mile, but then it opened up pretty well. It was so crowded that I couldn't get my pace any better than a 12 minute mile until the crowd stretched out a bit. Once I finished the first mile (at just under 12 minutes)I was able to speed up a bit, but at that point I knew that my goal was just to finish and not worry about a new personal best with the slow start that I had. As it turns out, I finished only 23 seconds short of a PR- if it hadn't been for that slow start I'd have totally made it! I wish I'd looked at my Nike+GPS more often during the race, I'd have picked up the pace if I'd known it was looking like a new PR. Even so, the experience of the race was so much fun that just finishing really was good enough. My time was 33:41, with an average pace of 10:52 per mile. The race featured a huge, steep bridge that was definitely challenging, but I had preview run it with my friend Amy several days earlier so I knew what to expect. I ended up finishing a few seconds before Amy, then she hung out with my husband and I for a while afterwards so that was nice. There were lots of people lining the course with signs, my favorite ones were bright purple and said "Ladies, you kick asphalt!" At the end, we got wonderful finisher medals- mine is already hanging in a place on honor in my home. I got the official results from the race today, here are my stats: Time: 33:41 Pace: 10:52/mile Division place: 77/316 (so, I placed 77th among the 316 women from 40-44 years old in the race) Overall place: 564/2534 (I placed 564th among the 2534 women who completed the 5K- I'm math impaired, but I believe that's in the top 20%- I am *thrilled* with that result.) Now I'm thinking about trying a half marathon in December....I found one that says that it "welcomes walkers", so I'd have the option of doing run/walk intervals if my gas tank runs dry on running. We'll see. Either way, I will be doing the Iron Girl again next year, it was a wonderful experience.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weight Watchers maintenance: Crazy Train Edition

This was my first week of maintenance on Weight Watchers after reaching my goal weight last week. WW suggests that you raise your points allowance on maintenance by up to 6 daily points and decrease that as needed until you are maintaining- that is, neither gaining or losing. I increased mine by what I thought was a conservative 3 points per day and when I weighed in I had gained 1.4 pounds. Grrrr. The awesome receptionist reminded me that maintenance is a "balancing act" and advised me to drop down to 2 points added to my previous pre-goal points allowance and see what happens this coming week. I say this "balancing act" is more like a wacky see saw with a roulette wheel and the conductor of the crazy train on the other end. While it probably won't help that I've already used 28 of my weekly points, we'll see where this crazy train ends up on next Thursday. I'm WAY tempted to go right the heck back to my pre-goal points allowance and just stay there. I'm stressing a little over maintenance so I'll feel better once I hit lifetime and only have to weigh in once a month. The blurry picture here (thanks, iPhone camera!) is my "inspiration board" featuring things that help keep me on track on WW. The "certificate of accomplishment" is my 100 pounds lost award from WW, thrilled to finally have that! I also have postcards from my WW leader, quotes, Twitter messages, and a nice message that my husband printed out and put on there while I was gone one day, "I'm proud of you!". :) Below the inspiration board is a holder for my race numbers, with my personal best race bib on top. We have a busy weekend planned, this morning I went to the gym and did the BodyVive and BodyAttack classes. This evening we are going to see Rick Springfield (my inner 13 year old girl always squeals a little when I say his name) at an outdoor concert in Clearwater. This is probably the 7th or 8th time I've seen him in concert, he puts on a great show. He often comes into the audience for several songs, and as a result I can say that I have touched Rick Springfield several times as he's roared by. (I think you have to be a woman of a certain age, raised in the 80s, to appreciate the blessing of touching a sweaty Rick Springfield) :) I'm going with Dianne; one of my great friends since high school, and my husband John is going as our personal security. I think he secretly enjoys Ricks music a little too, but he always claims to be going to protect us from the overzealous Rick fans. One concern is that the show is outside and tonight we are expected to have 2-3 inches of rain, hail, thunderstorms and flooding. For Rick, we will risk it! Hopefully the rain will clear up by Sunday AM because I have the Iron Girl 5K run at 7:30 AM. We will run from Coachman Park in Clearwater (the same place where we are seeing the concert tonight) to the pier at Clearwater Beach. I did a practice run over the big scary bridge over to Clearwater Beach with one of my pals from the gym on Tuesday night and it was no problem- I can say to that bridge "you don't scare me bridge!". Now if the thunderstorms and hail will just stay away! I'll be back on Sunday with a race recap, John is coming along and will take pics IF the weather isn't too bad- don't want to lose a camera in the downpour!

Friday, April 13, 2012

GGGOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! (Read in the booming voice of a Mexican Univision TV soccer announcer, duh!)

As you might gather from the ridiculously overwrought ALL CAPS title of this blog entry, I *finally* reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers last night. I needed to lose 6/10ths of a pound to reach goal, but when I stepped on that scale I had actually lost 1.6 pounds so I was a full pound UNDER my goal weight, with a total loss of 101 pounds! My group of friends who've attended WW with me for most of the 2 1/2 years ( the "No Pudge Posse", made up of myself, my BFF of 35+ years Lisa, our other friend Lisa and my husband John) it took to get there came with me to the scale to celebrate. My original goal weight was 143, but since I weighed in at 142 I set that as my official goal weight to start my 6 weeks of maintenance. I'm still freaking out that 142 is too high, but since I've worn size 8 pants to work every day this week and I can *just* get into size 6 capris, I think that I'm still seeing the "old" me that weighed 101 pounds more when I think about my weight, I might actually BE at a healthy weight. My best friend Lisa took the picture that is on this post, neither my husband or I were organized enough to *bring a camera* so Lisa did the honors with her cell phone camera. I got my 100 pounds lost charm, my goal weight charm and my maintenance book and instructions at the meeting, then the leader called me to the front of the room. I told how much I'd lost, then the leader
sat down and told me to talk. I said "I thought that's what I just did!"...I'm SO not comfortable talking in front of people. So, I talked about my 9 5K runs, how long it took to lose the weight, etc. Then she asked if anyone had questions for me as I frantically tried to retreat back to my seat, lol. A man asked "so what are you going to eat now that you've reached goal?", I answered that on WW I can eat whatever I want as long as I plan for it- I really think he thought I was going to freak out and eat gallons of ice cream now that I'd hit goal, I'm hoping that's not his plan once he gets there! :) Then a woman said "with an over 100 pound loss there has to be some issue with...loose skin, right?" I fear that I overshared, because I vaguely recall telling the 30+ people at WW that my stomach was "not pretty, and just plain gross". Ug. Thank goodness they didn't ask me anything more embarrassing than that, because I was sort of in a haze of anxiety from being in front of all of those folks, who KNOWS what I might have said! :) I have 6 weeks of maintenance, I increased my WW points range by 3 points and I'll weigh in next week and see how that works. If I maintain, I'll stay in that range- if I lose, then the points are increased again, if I gain then the points are reduced. It's all a balancing act to keep the weight stable now. After 6 weeks, if I'm still within 2 pounds up or down from my goal weight of 142 (so, between 140 and 144 pounds)then I will become a free lifetime member two days after my 43rd birthday. That is especially sweet since I remember how upset I was to realize that on my 30th birthday I weighed over 200 pounds and by my 40th birthday I was over 240- I love (hopefully) making WW lifetime member so close to my birthday for that reason!
Tomorrow is my big day at the gym, I usually take 2 or 3 classes in the morning. The great instructor for my favorite class, Body Attack, says that they will be celebrating my weight loss goal at the class with some workouts of his choosing...I'll apologize in advance to the others in the class as I fear he will be inflicting some pain on us, lol. Then a week from this Sunday is the IronGirl 5K, I am very excited about enjoying that event with so many other women- and the awesome race bling at the end isn't bad either! Now that I've rambled on, I'm off to go catch up on everybody's blogs. I love reading your comments here, if you've suffered this long through the blog please drop me a comment. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Race Recap: Upgrade 2 Success 5K

These are the running shoes that a coworker of mine at school helped me pick out, between these and the awesome pink wicking toe socks that my Dad found on Amazon, I can now run without toe pain- what a relief! Today was the Upgrade 2 Success 5K run. It was a fundraiser to get technology for four schools, including the one that my BFF of 30+ years, Lisa, works at. The day started rather rough, when my garage door would only open about 6 inches high for some reason. As you might imagine, my Mustang can't quite squeeze out an opening that small! It had worked just fine a half hour earlier when my husband left to cater a wedding, but I was stuck in the garage. Luckily, my house was on the way for my two friends (both named Lisa, oddly enough) who were also doing this race so fortunately they picked me up. It wasn't hot at all, in fact it was a little chilly- perfect 5K weather! I felt good, and finished the first mile and second miles in just under 10 minutes each. My time for the full 5K was 33:19, an improvement over my previous personal best by a minute and 46 seconds and a new personal record! I also set a new PR for pace at an average of 10:30 per mile and my fastest mile, at 9:46. The course wasn't well marked, usually there are volunteers along the course to tell you where to go, but there were times that I was concerned that I'd gotten off track. My Nike GPS+ says that I actually ran 3.17 miles, so I may in fact have made a wrong turn at some point. If that's the case, the GPS+ says that my time for an actual 5K of 3.10 miles was 32:30- but I'll go with my start line to finish line time of 33:19 because I'm quite happy with that! After I finished, I turned back onto the course to meet up with Lisa and Lisa and finish with them, they were walking the 5K. It was Lisa's first (in her words) "real 5K", I was so proud of her that she stuck with it and finished. She was the last person to finish, she joked with the race organizers that she should get a medal for "finishing without medical assistance" and they actually gave her one of the left over 1st place age group medals, she was thrilled! :) My next race is the Iron Girl 5K in two weeks, unless I add one next Sunday just for fun. The WW week has been going well so far, after missing my goal weight by 6/10ths of a pound on Thursday PM I've been at or under my goal weight at my morning weigh in on both Friday and Saturday mornings, just have to maintain that until NEXT Thursday! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday weigh in...same story, copy and paste :)

Today was my yet another weigh in at Weight Watchers where my goal weight was tantalyizingly close but still not achieved. I needed to lose 8/10ths of a pound to reach my goal weight and a 100 pound loss. My actual loss for this week: 2/10ths of a pound. So- the goal remains 6/10ths of a pound away. I'm okay with that, any forward (or is it backward, in weight loss terms?) motion is good progress. Even at tenths of a pound a week, eventually I'll get there. It was especially ok not to make it this week because neither my regular leader or my very favorite receptionist were there, and it would have been anticlimactic to finally reach that goal without any of those familiar faces there. It appears to me that I did everything right last week- I stayed well within my points, only using 18 of my weekly points and earning an a personal high of 71 activity points from last Thursday to yesterday. I don't think I'll reach that much in activity points this week, since last week was spring break I had two days at the gym that I would normally be at work. This week my goal is to stay within my points, track 100%, use less than 25 of my weekly points and to earn at least 35 activity points. No worries, I've *got* this. :)
I'm trying to branch out in my activity, so I signed up for a race that sort of (ok, not sort of, but REALLY) scares the mess out of me. I've signed up for the Iron Girl 5K in Clearwater on April 22nd. It will feature thousands of runners, but the scary part is that it goes over the Clearwater Pass bridge- a very steep, long, high bridge that I've never had the guts to drive a car over, let alone run over. In fact, on the rare occasion that I'm a passenger in a car going over that bridge (usually, I'll convince my husband to take an alternate route to the beach to avoid it) I clamp my eyes shut and keep asking "are we over the bridge yet?" the whole time. But, now I will be running over that bridge.
As my BFF Lisa says, "personal growth is a good thing". I'm going with that, my fervent hope is that I'm surrounded by so many people that I won't freak out about the wicked long scary bridge I'm struggling to haul myself over. Maybe I'll just chant "personal growth! personal growth!" the whole way...that'll surely clear some space around me as runners avoid the crazy person. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures from my son's mission trip

My 15 year old son recently returned from a 10 day(it was supposed to be 9 days, but was extended due to a missed plane) mission trip to Billings, Montana with his school. While he was there, he did "Habitat for Humanity" kind of work for a local church there, lots of landscaping and working on a house, etc. This first picture is him high above Billings on a hike.
He helped break up and remove tree stumps at a house in a Billings housing project. See the green hoodie that the girl is wearing in this picture? My son did all the graphic design of the hoodies and t-shirts that the mission team wore, he was really proud of them.
More digging to remove the stump, progress is being made! A moment of triumph, the stump has been vanquished!
Last one, here is a picture of him preparing to lead a dogsled team. This picture is remarkable because the night before this picture was taken he had a 103 degree fever and was generally miserable but he was able to get some good meds and pull it together to get to experience dogsledding. This mission trip was a great experience for him, I'm sure that he'll remember it forever.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Recap: St. Cecelia School Crusader Gallop 5K

Today was my 8th 5K race, the St. Cecelia School Crusader Gallop 5K. I wasn't able to make any improvement on my regular 5K time, finishing in 36:33. I usually try to run faster at the beginning to "make up" time for the end when I'm more worn out, but today I tried to keep a steady pace throughout to avoid having a vastly slower last third of the race, but it didn't seem to make much difference. This was an afternoon race that I did after having done two hours of very challenging classes at the gym this morning (BodyVive and BodyAttack), I'm not sure if that had some effect on my time. I have another race next Saturday morning, I'll be doing that one in place of my regular gym classes so perhaps my legs will be fresher. Today's race was in support of a local Catholic school, so there were lots of children and families running. The course was well marked and following the event there was a big picnic with wonderful food- Greek salad, baklava, boneless wings, buffalo wings, chips, cookies, sodas, etc. Everyone was very mellow about the food and actually let my "support team" (my husband and son) join in on the great meal even though they weren't registered runners. They gave out dog tags with the race name on it as finisher's medals, my first real "race swag". I'm not sure where I came in regarding my age bracket, but I think that it was fairly good. I'm in the 40-44 bracket, and the woman that I finished a few seconds ahead of came in 3rd in the very next bracket, to my faulty logic that means that I was close to the top 3 in my bracket too. :) I added one song to my playlist for this race,"Shackled and Drawn" by Bruce Springsteen and it was really motivating. It has a couple lines in it that are perfect for runners: "I always love the feel of sweat on my shirt/stand back son, and let a man work/let a man work, is that so wrong?" (OK, the opening line "another day older and closer to the grave" isn't exactly fitness-affirming, but I even found that one quite motivating today.) Here is a live video from two weeks ago that I found of the song, it's awesome. Shackled and Drawn Staying on WW plan has been going just fine this week so far, I have 40 activity points as of today and I've only used 3 of my weekly points. I have a real challenge tomorrow though- lunch at a Chinese restaurant. :/ We are celebrating my neice earning her GED last week, def worth figuring out HOW to eat Chinese on plan!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday weigh in...less than a pound to goal!

Today was my regular weigh in, I lost 1 pound for a total loss of 99.2 pounds. I am .8 (8/10ths!) of a pound from my Weight Watchers goal weight! This week went pretty well, WW plan-wise. I had one evening of insane stress eating, but it all got written down and accounted for so I say it's all good since I stayed within my points by the end of the week. I'm calling it the Frankenberry incident, but let's just say that my husband had to work Friday night and I was home alone pondering my son being thousands of miles away on his mission trip. Somehow, I ate a good portion of a box of seriously stale novelty marshmallow-rific retro sugary cereal left over from Halloween. Yeah, I was elbow deep in stale Frankenberry cereal. Oy. I also earned 57 WW activity points this week, so things seem to have balanced well.
After a fair amount of drama (high fevers, missed airplanes, extreme turbulance, sleeping overnight in airports, damaged planes...)my son arrived home safely from his mission trip, nearly 24 hours later than scheduled. We spent quite a bit of time tonight looking at some of the nearly 3,000 photos he took, I'll post one or two here once he pulls them off of his digital camera. There is one of him mushing a dog sled team that (to me) was worth every bit of stress that the mission trip generated- he looks happy and triumphant (and cold!) I think this week will go better on WW since I won't have that worry about him in the back of my mind all the time- I worry about him much less when he's HOME! I have another 5K this Saturday, this one is to raise money for a local Catholic school. I'll be back on Saturday or Sunday to report on that race, and on how the first half of the WW week ("The Epic Quest for the FINAL 8/10ths of a Pound") goes. I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs, reading them has really helped me to stay on track (most of the time!) :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today was my weigh in, with 1 pound to go to reach my goal weight, I...gained 8/10ths of a pound. While it was disappointing, my daily weigh ins at home over the last few days had clued me in that the scale stopped moving in the right direction early in the week so I was fairly mellow with it. I kept the words of two weight loss bloggers/Tweeters that I follow in mind. When Krystle, who blogs at Skinny Jeans Dreams faced nearly the same situation a few weeks ago, she said "I am already THERE....the rest is just numbers." Very inspirational, and very applicable to my situation. Two weeks ago, when I was 1.2 away from my goal and gained a pound, Whitney, who is very active on Twitter as Whit Gets Fit reminded me that "you are already there. Don't let the number get you down!" Thanks to both of these ladies for their direct and indirect support, keeping their words in mind helped prevent me from freaking out and falling hip deep into a pile of Reeses Cups and raw cookie dough, my drugs of choice. :) I can't explain this gain, I tracked everything I ate this week, stayed well within my weekly points AND earned *55* activity points this week. 55 AP's represents HOURS in the gym, several group fitness classes and miles and miles on the treadmill. I don't get it, but I'm just going to keep on and look for a better result next week. I am going to try to mix up my food a little bit this week, as I tend to eat the same foods over and over, especially for breakfast and lunch. We'll see, it's gonna happen...soon I hope! :)
I signed up for another 5K today, so I have them scheduled for Saturday March 31st and Saturday April 7th. Tomorrow (after payday, natch) I'm going to register for the Iron Girl 5K in late April. It looks awesome- thousands of runners, custom finisher medals, the vanity appeal of the "Iron Girl" name and a beautiful race over the bridge out to Clearwater Beach and right up to the beach.
My son is doing very well on his mission trip, tomorrow he leaves Billings and heads to Big Sky, a Montana ski resort. He's going to dogsled there, he's very excited about that. He's taken (literally) thousands of pictures and lots of video, I can't wait to see some of it. He'll be home very late on Monday, I'm glad he's having a good time but I'm quite anxious to have him home. (And just in time for spring break for himself and me.) :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One pound to go!

At my weigh in last Thursday I was down 1.2 pounds, so that puts me at 99 pounds lost and just one pound to go to reach my Weight Watchers goal. So far this week it's been well in sight, with today's AM consult with the scale showing me down 2/3rds of a pound and yesterday's at under my goal weight by a half pound. I know that the AM weigh in isn't exactly what will show when I weigh in Thursday night after working all day, but it's always been a good indicator of the direction that I'm going. This week (and part of next week) are going to be fertile ground for huge stress eating for me, but so far I've been able to keep on track. My 15 year old son left yesterday morning for a 9 day mission trip with his school to Billings, Montana and I'm more than a little stressed out. It's his first time on an airplane, his first time to see snow, and his first time out of state without me. Plus, while he is the very definition of a "strapping young man" at over 6 feet tall and healthy as a horse the last few years, I still see him as the little boy who we handed over to doctors for open heart surgery twice in his first 8 years so I put a massive amount of energy into worry at a time like this. (He has so much stainless steel wire in his sternum from his two surgeries that he has to carry an operative report with him to explain why he sets off every metal detector...he thinks that's really cool.) :) Anyway, he arrived in Billings just fine and so far things seem to be going well. He'll be doing some "Habitat for Humanity" work with the Sioux indians around Billings as well as some service projects for the host church there. Next weekend will be their "fun" time, with time at a ski resort and some dog sledding. He's the photographer and videographer for his team, so he will be doing some cool stuff to document their week. He's also one of the cooks for the team, but he's a lot more excited about the video and photos! He can call us each day around midnight (our time), so we are just waiting anxiously for a call or text and my husband is trying to plan activities for us so that I don't just sit and eat, which is really helpful. I'm getting in a lot of activity, and focussing in on WW power foods to make sure I don't go over on my points. On to Thursday, I keep reminding myself that "I've got this!", even if my goal weight doesn't happen this week it WILL happen soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Race report: Eagle Lake Classic 5K

Today was my 7th 5K race, the Eagle Lake Classic. It was a charity race to raise money for the summer camp program at the synagogue where one of my best friends attended when I was growing up, so I was glad to support it. I think that the time change threw a lot of people off, most of the racers showed up just a few minutes before the race started. It was at a very beautiful park less than a mile from my house- love those close runs! They had two yoga teachers leading pre-race stretches, that's the first time I've ever seen that and I really thought it was cool. They also had volunteers about every quarter mile to make sure no one got off the course and to generally support. The volunteers were so cute, they had to be the grandmas at the synagogue and many of them brought along their little lap dogs to cheer on the runners. I was running at a great pace (for me, at least) for the first two miles- I finished mile 1 at 10:09 and mile 2 took me just under 11 minutes but (as usual) I sort of lost my steam into the 3rd mile and I finished at 36:05 which is 57 seconds longer than my personal record that I was hopeful of besting when I saw my times early in the race. No problem, it WAS my 3rd best time for a 5K so that's good enough for me! My next race is probably on March 31st, but I haven't registered for that one yet so it's not for sure.
The scale is looking good so far this week, I'm down that pound I gained last week plus a little more. As of this morning I was 6/10th of a pound from my Weight Watchers goal, but anything can happen by weigh in day when that darn unpredictable scale is involved! :)

I found a new food combination today that I really loved. The Stonyfield Oikos yogurts were on sale at Publix this week AND I had 7 BOGO coupons for it, so I now have 14 cups of that wonderful yogurt in my fridge. I tried mixing 2 TBSP of PB2 (yes, I *know* that I have a PB2 dependency problem) into the honey flavored Greek yogurt- delicious! It reminded me of a really sweet peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just without the surplus bread. If you are a PB&J fan, give it a try!
Onward to weigh in day on Thursday, I'll report back then how things work out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday weigh in update

Tonight was my Weight Watchers meeting, I needed to lose 1.2 pounds to reach a total loss of 100 pounds AND my goal weight. I've been showing a gain all week (I weight myself, at minimum, three times a day- insane, I know) so I wasn't surprised to see the official scale say that I had a 1 pound gain. So, that puts me at a total loss of 97.8 with 2.2 pounds now to go to get to that elusive goal. I got my activity in, and only went through half of my weeklys so things aren't too out of whack. I suspect that the problem may be that I was a bit too "free" with the zero point fruit- I had a serious amount of fruit each day. An average day this week featured 3-4 bananas, 3 Clementines, a cup of grapes and a cup of strawberries- even though there are no WW points to be counted for that fruit, that's still a good amount of calories and natural sugars. I'll tone down the fruit this week & see if that changes things up on the scale. I have my 7th 5K race on Sunday AM, I'll post then with a race update.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday morning green monster attack! :)

As promised, here is a pic of my wonderful post-gym Skinny Green Monster smoothie. Of course, I always have it in my ultra-klassy circa 1983 WWF "Big John Studd" glass- it's the only glass in the house big enough to contain the awesomeness that is the skinny green monster smoothie. (I used to have the Andre the Giant cup from that same WWF set, but poor Andre met an unfortunate end.) Today's smoothie contained: 1 1/2 cups unsweetened Almond milk, 1/2 c fat free French vanilla Greek yogurt, 3 cups of raw spinach and a packet of Weight Watchers French vanilla smoothie mix for a total of 5 WW points. Wonderful, and you can't beat the multiple milk and fruit & veg servings in one meal. Today at the gym I did my regular BodyAttack class, that's my favorite class ever- it's very satisfying to go all out for an hour and feel a sweat drenched exhaustion at the end. I'd planned to also take a BodyVive class today, but I just couldn't quite drag myself out of bed in time for that one- maybe next week! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Closing in on goal!

Wow...I just typed a whole blog entry here, and made the mistake of clicking on one of the pictures to try to realign the text and the whole thing WENT AWAY. Stinkin' computer! Oh well, here's another try.
My Weight Watchers weigh in went well, I was down 1.4 pounds for a total loss of 98.8 pounds. My ultimate goal weight is just 1.2 pounds away. It's possible that I *might* make goal next week, but I'll just chip away at it this week and (if a kickstart is needed) I have a 5K race a week from this Sunday so maybe that will be the final kick that I need to reach my goal weight.
This week I've discovered two new Weight Watcher friendly foods, thanks to other weight loss bloggers. First is the peanut butter-y fruit dip of my dreams, thanks to Spunky Suzi. To make the fruit dip, mix 2 tbsp of PB2 with 1/4 cup of nonfat French Vanilla Greek yogurt. This picture shows a half cup, but I found that the best ratio for maximum peanut butter goodness is 2 tbsp PB2 to 1/4 c yogurt, so a half cup serving is best with 4 tbsp so as not to diminish the peanut butter goodness. Strawberries are ok with the dip, but bananas are *awesome*. I may have even forgone the fruit entirely and simply eaten a half cup of this stuff, it's just that good. I'm going to try a quarter cup of it on top of a warmed chocolate Vitamuffin, I'd bet it's an amazing 5 point snack. The other things that I discovered this week was thanks to Jennifer at
Living A Changed Life. She posted a picture of the Archer Farms Indulgent Granola Bites, a wee tiny 2 point snack that really packs a chocolate punch. I stormed through Target with that photo on my phone, a shining beacon of snacking goodness. There are 4 different flavors, but my favorite by far is the one shown here (sorry for the sideways pic, after losing my first attempt at typing this I'm not going to try to rotate the pic), the Sea Salt Caramel & Almond. There are 15 wee snacks in each box, for under $3- they are very similar to the Weight Watchers 2 point bars for half the cost. I left a half dozen in my desk drawer at work for snacking emergencies and brought the rest home. Yum, I love having them around, they are practically like eating a little chocolate bar but without the guilt. Thanks to all the bloggers who post these food finds, having options like these make it easier to reach my goal when cravings strike.
Tomorrow I may snap a pic of the flourescent green Skinny Green Monster smoothie that I'll make as my reward (and breakfast) after doing two classes at the gym, see you all then.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is What a Librarian Looks Like

There is a blog called "This is What a Librarian Looks Like", the purpose of which is to "challenge the librarian stereotype, one post at a time". I'm not exactly the opposite of the public image of a librarian...I mean, I'm not a tattooed hell raiser (though some librarians would not believe just how gonzo some of my fellow school librarians can get!:)) but I like to think that I can help break the stereotype in some small way. Anyway, a picture of me and some info (noting my weight loss, since it appears that's all I can think about right now) was featured on the blog last night and I wanted to share it with you here. Here's the link: This is What a Librarian Looks Like

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steady progress, no matter how small, is closer to goal!

My weigh in at Weight Watchers on Thursday night showed a 1 pound loss, for a total loss of 97.4 pounds. I'm now 2.6 pounds away from my official WW goal weight of 143. I'm really going back and forth in my mind, trying to decide if I want to keep that as my goal weight or go a little lower. When I first started WW 2 1/2 years ago, I *never* imagined that I'd get to that weight, I really just wanted to get under 200 pounds. Now that I'm so close to my goal, it almost seems like 143 isn't a low enough weight...that alternates between sounding crazy to me and sounding perfectly reasonable. I guess I'll see how long it takes to get that last 2.6 off and see how I feel about my goal weight.
Had a huge non-scale victory yesterday- we went shopping for clothes for my son's mission trip that he's taking in 3 weeks, and while he was trying things on I browsed the clearance racks. I found three pairs of pants for work that I really liked for only $9 each- the problem was that they are all size 8. I took them into the fitting room with no expectation that I would even be able to put them on at all and all three pairs fit beautifully! I guess that I still see that size 22/24 body that I had before WW, which makes it kind of hard to shop for clothes! :) So, I bought all three pairs of pants and I'll be wearing one of them to work on Monday!
Reading a lot of weight loss blogs has been really helpful in my recent WW efforts, I am really enjoying keeping up with many other weight loss bloggers- keep up the good fight, we'll all get there eventually!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New PR (personal record) in more than one way!

I did a 5K race (my sixth, I think) yesterday, the Belleair Sunset 5K and Fun Run. I was a bit concerned because I did my regular Saturday AM classes at the gym and I was worried I might have "emptied my tank" before the race even started, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I ran a personal record, finishing in 35:08, which was 17 seconds faster than my previous PR. The race was in a beautiful part of town, along golf courses and luxury homes. Plus (between the race & my AM gym group fitness classes) I racked up 19 WW activity points today- almost half of my activity goal for the week! After the race they had all you can eat beer, chicken wings, cookies, funnel cakes, fruit and hot dogs for the runners! I got a bit of everything for my cheering section (husband and son) but I stuck to a banana and water post-race, to avoid undoing any good weight loss mojo I earned at the race. :) My son took some pictures, but since I'm typing this on my work iPad I don't know how to add it here- will add some soon.
It was a good weigh in at Weight Watchers on Thursday, I was down 2.4 pounds (total loss= 96.4) and I finally set an official goal weight. I'm 3.6 pounds away from that goal, once I get there that will be an even 100 pounds lost. My current weight is another sort of personal record for me- I weigh a pound less than what I weighed at high school graduation (in 1987!) and this is my lowest weight ever as an adult! I am more than a little excited about this, lol. Now, there is just the matter of these last 3.6 pounds...might take a while but I'll get there.
I found a new food this week that is surprisingly good- a green monster smoothie. It's a cup of raw spinach, a frozen banana, 1 1/4 cups of unsweetened almond milk and a WW creme brûlée smoothie packet all run thru a blender for about 30 seconds. The end result is a nearly fluorescent green drink that is only 3 points and includes 3 fruit & veg servings, 2 milk servings and keeps me full until lunch! I know it sounds gross but it is seriously good....just think "Shamrock Shake" instead of "blended spinach" while enjoying it, lol.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trust the process, but reserve the right to grumble about it :)

Thursday PM weigh in report: I was UP 2/10th of a pound at my WW weigh in last night. While I was hoping to make some progress on erasing that 5.8 pounds I need to lose to reach my ultimate WW goal, instead now I am sitting at 6 pounds to goal. I did everything as I should, I suspect it's just a reflection of my reduced gym time last week (which will be corrected this week). I usually get 45 to 50 or more WW activity points per week, this past week we were out of town all weekend and John had family visiting on Wednesday so I missed 4 of my regular gym classes and only got 30 APs. I'm gonna call it a "blip" in the progress, one of those weeks where the line does a little dance step instead of it's steady downward flow. So, I remind myself of the this Bob Harper quote and begin a new week. I'm really enjoying checking out everyone's blogs, especially the ones with pictures of the WW friendly meals- going to have to try out some new foods this week!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weigh in report, and question for big losers

Today was my weigh in day at Weight Watchers, I managed to stay on track this week and I had high hopes. I stayed within my points every day, only used 9 of my weekly points and earned 46 activity points. I was rewarded with a loss of 1.8 pounds, which is huge for me because I very often lose a half pound or less per week even on great, on-program weeks. That puts my total weight loss at 94.2 pounds with 5.8 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight.
An odd thing has happened today, I'm hoping to get some feedback from those of you on this same journey about it. Today at work, and again twice tonight when I went to dinner with some alumnus from my high school, people have (with a very sincere, concerned tone in their voice) said "you've lost TOO much weight- you need to stop!" One of my classmates (who easily weighs 10 to 15 pounds less than me) said, "really, you are too skinny and it's not good". I don't get it- by NO means am I anywhere near skinny- for that matter, I'm still 2.8 pounds from the HIGH end of my healthy weight range on both Weight Watchers and the BMI charts. Honestly, I am a hobbit-like 5 foot 4 inches tall and (as of tonight) I weigh 148 pounds so I clearly have a good 15 to 20 pounds before any reasonable person could suggest that I weigh too little. Why do people feel compelled to suggest that I've gone to far when I haven't even reached a high end healthy weight? I just don't get people sometimes....
Tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend away at a retreat for the families of children who have heart defects, all meals will be provided so on-plan eating will be a bit of a challenge but there is lots of fresh fruit and a salad bar...between that and the WW smoothie mix and green tea w/ mint that I'm bringing it shouldn't kill my week. There will be lots of walking around and outdoor activities (and dancing, woo!) so with a little bit of care things should be just fine on the weight loss front.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Focus, focus......FOCUS!

Tonight was weigh in night at Weight Watchers, and I genuinely was not upset to show a gain of 6/10ths of a pound. Most of this week was spent trying to recover from a bit of a dietary indescretion (ok, a flurry of emotional eating would be more accurate) on Sunday night. I found myself feeling a sort of free floating (as in no "target" to apply it to) anger and anxiety for no real reason, and it seemed at the time that the best way to deal with that was to plunge elbow deep into caramel popcorn. (Hey, it made PERFECT sense at the time!) I was up 2 1/2 pounds that next morning, and spent the rest of the week staying carefully on track with my eating and racking up over 40 activity points to counteract 30 minutes of eating hysteria. So, do you see why I wasn't upset with "only" a 6/10th gain? Now the caramel corn is GONE and I'm striving to regain my focus on my final stretch towards my weight loss goal. On Tuesday, my former Weight Watchers leader posted a quote on Facebook that I've been repeating to myself all week, and I even printed it out and put it on my "inspiration board" in my bedroom. Here it is, it's from Jennifer Hudson's new book:
"Hear this loud & clear. I am completely in charge of the choices I make about what I am doing to lose weight and get healthy. And you know what? We ALL have this power."
When I've been tempted to inhale cookies or junky, not nutritious food the last few days I've just repeated to myself "I am completely in charge of the choices I make about what I am doing to lose weight and get healthy." That has steered me in the right direction, and I will strive to continue to maintain that FOCUS and show a better result on the scale next Thursday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Anybody still occasionally checking in here? It's *possible* that I haven't blogged in a minute...ok, make that 20 months. Yeah, I'm a bad blogger. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately by Weight Watchers members, and I'm hoping that I can revisit using this blog as a way to keep myself on track with WW. I'm currently at a total loss of 93 pounds, with my (unofficial, as I never have actually sat down with a WW leader to set a goal) goal weight just 7 pounds away. (Last week it was only 5 pounds away, but I had an unexpected 2 pound gain at my weigh in yesterday.) I'll keep reading everyone else's blogs and posting here.
Some new foods that I've discovered in the last few months are spaghetti squash and Oikos chocolate Greek yogurt. (Not together...that would be bad!) I've been cooking a little bit, which is a big change for me as I've always depended on my son or my husband to cook for me. I can make spaghetti squash, chicken breasts, pork chops and (new tonight), tilapia.
I've been really ramping up the activity in an attempt to shed these last half dozen or so pounds. I've been doing classes at the gym, my favorites are Body Attack and Body Combat. I also do Body Pump every Wednesday and Body Vive occasionally. I also invested in some good running shoes and I can run over 5 miles at a time at a pace of 5.5 MPH. My goals are to increase my speed (if I can get it up to 6 MPH that will be a 10 minute mile pace) and to increase my distance so I can move up to 10K races (6.2 miles) along with the 5K's I've been doing. I've been doing the "30 day chip" challenge on Twitter, aiming for 30 minutes per day of exercise every day for 30 days. Today is day # 19, once I get another 5 minutes in. :)
I hope that a handful of you will join me in this effort to get those last few pounds gone and to reach my WW goal weight. Here is a pic of me and my "little boy" (who's nearly 6 feet tall at 15 years old)on Christmas to show my latest "after" picture. Please feel free to comment here or email me to keep me accountable, that's why I'm here!