Thursday, November 15, 2012

Race report: Morton Plant Mease Hospital Prostate Cancer Awareness 10K

Why yes, I am writing up a race report TWO MONTHS after the race occured...what of it? :) Things have been a little hectic, so I'm just now catching up. This race was my first ever 10K (6.2 miles) and was step 2 in my "stepping stone" training plan to train for my half marathon in December. I ran two 10Ks in September and a 15K in October to work towards surviving a half marathon in December. It may not be the soundest training plan, but it's been working for me. Anyway, I was excited to make this my first 10K because my Dad is a 10+ year survivor of prostate cancer and I was proud to wear a shirt saying that I was running in his honor. (It's in the pic above.) The run was in through the ritzier neighborhoods of Clearwater (we ran by Hulk Hogan's old home twice), over the HUGE Clearwater Pass bridge (the same one I ran over for the Iron Girl 5K)and back to the hospital. When I turned around at the halfway point past the bridge I counted the runners behind me, then subtracted or added when I passed someone or was passed. I stayed ahead of an average of 15 runners for the second half of the race- way in the back, but not the caboose of the race. I ran at a steady pace for the first 5 miles, then I took a 5 minute walking break. I was so happy to see the finish line and to know that I had successfully completed my first 10K! Once I finished, I stopped to have my timing chip cut off and had to be held up by a priest who was volunteering at the finish line- my legs didn't want to stop after running 6.2 miles! Here is one more picture, this is when I saw my son and husband just a few feet from the finish line, I was happy to see them!

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  1. You runners are amazing! Who knew that you and April would become marathoners, huh? Love that shirt honoring your dad!