Sunday, March 11, 2012

Race report: Eagle Lake Classic 5K

Today was my 7th 5K race, the Eagle Lake Classic. It was a charity race to raise money for the summer camp program at the synagogue where one of my best friends attended when I was growing up, so I was glad to support it. I think that the time change threw a lot of people off, most of the racers showed up just a few minutes before the race started. It was at a very beautiful park less than a mile from my house- love those close runs! They had two yoga teachers leading pre-race stretches, that's the first time I've ever seen that and I really thought it was cool. They also had volunteers about every quarter mile to make sure no one got off the course and to generally support. The volunteers were so cute, they had to be the grandmas at the synagogue and many of them brought along their little lap dogs to cheer on the runners. I was running at a great pace (for me, at least) for the first two miles- I finished mile 1 at 10:09 and mile 2 took me just under 11 minutes but (as usual) I sort of lost my steam into the 3rd mile and I finished at 36:05 which is 57 seconds longer than my personal record that I was hopeful of besting when I saw my times early in the race. No problem, it WAS my 3rd best time for a 5K so that's good enough for me! My next race is probably on March 31st, but I haven't registered for that one yet so it's not for sure.
The scale is looking good so far this week, I'm down that pound I gained last week plus a little more. As of this morning I was 6/10th of a pound from my Weight Watchers goal, but anything can happen by weigh in day when that darn unpredictable scale is involved! :)

I found a new food combination today that I really loved. The Stonyfield Oikos yogurts were on sale at Publix this week AND I had 7 BOGO coupons for it, so I now have 14 cups of that wonderful yogurt in my fridge. I tried mixing 2 TBSP of PB2 (yes, I *know* that I have a PB2 dependency problem) into the honey flavored Greek yogurt- delicious! It reminded me of a really sweet peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just without the surplus bread. If you are a PB&J fan, give it a try!
Onward to weigh in day on Thursday, I'll report back then how things work out.


  1. Congrats Sherri. You're my hero, I can't run a block without getting winded. As for the yogurt it's one of my favorites, have you tried the chocolate one yet? To die for.

  2. You have become such a dynamo Sherrie! 100 lbs is an amazing feat. YOur pb2 and honey yogurt sound delish together!