Saturday, April 7, 2012

Race Recap: Upgrade 2 Success 5K

These are the running shoes that a coworker of mine at school helped me pick out, between these and the awesome pink wicking toe socks that my Dad found on Amazon, I can now run without toe pain- what a relief! Today was the Upgrade 2 Success 5K run. It was a fundraiser to get technology for four schools, including the one that my BFF of 30+ years, Lisa, works at. The day started rather rough, when my garage door would only open about 6 inches high for some reason. As you might imagine, my Mustang can't quite squeeze out an opening that small! It had worked just fine a half hour earlier when my husband left to cater a wedding, but I was stuck in the garage. Luckily, my house was on the way for my two friends (both named Lisa, oddly enough) who were also doing this race so fortunately they picked me up. It wasn't hot at all, in fact it was a little chilly- perfect 5K weather! I felt good, and finished the first mile and second miles in just under 10 minutes each. My time for the full 5K was 33:19, an improvement over my previous personal best by a minute and 46 seconds and a new personal record! I also set a new PR for pace at an average of 10:30 per mile and my fastest mile, at 9:46. The course wasn't well marked, usually there are volunteers along the course to tell you where to go, but there were times that I was concerned that I'd gotten off track. My Nike GPS+ says that I actually ran 3.17 miles, so I may in fact have made a wrong turn at some point. If that's the case, the GPS+ says that my time for an actual 5K of 3.10 miles was 32:30- but I'll go with my start line to finish line time of 33:19 because I'm quite happy with that! After I finished, I turned back onto the course to meet up with Lisa and Lisa and finish with them, they were walking the 5K. It was Lisa's first (in her words) "real 5K", I was so proud of her that she stuck with it and finished. She was the last person to finish, she joked with the race organizers that she should get a medal for "finishing without medical assistance" and they actually gave her one of the left over 1st place age group medals, she was thrilled! :) My next race is the Iron Girl 5K in two weeks, unless I add one next Sunday just for fun. The WW week has been going well so far, after missing my goal weight by 6/10ths of a pound on Thursday PM I've been at or under my goal weight at my morning weigh in on both Friday and Saturday mornings, just have to maintain that until NEXT Thursday! :)


  1. Congrats on a great race!!! Sounds like it was a fun time for everyone...gotta love those days!

  2. Minus the pesky garage door, sound like a great day! Proud of you! I'm sure that scale will have moved this week after a run like today. Keep up the good work, my friend.
    ❀ Paige
    Finding Joy in the Journey

  3. I love the sneakers! Nikes actually never fit my Flintstone feet too good, but those are so dang CUTE!