Sunday, March 18, 2012

One pound to go!

At my weigh in last Thursday I was down 1.2 pounds, so that puts me at 99 pounds lost and just one pound to go to reach my Weight Watchers goal. So far this week it's been well in sight, with today's AM consult with the scale showing me down 2/3rds of a pound and yesterday's at under my goal weight by a half pound. I know that the AM weigh in isn't exactly what will show when I weigh in Thursday night after working all day, but it's always been a good indicator of the direction that I'm going. This week (and part of next week) are going to be fertile ground for huge stress eating for me, but so far I've been able to keep on track. My 15 year old son left yesterday morning for a 9 day mission trip with his school to Billings, Montana and I'm more than a little stressed out. It's his first time on an airplane, his first time to see snow, and his first time out of state without me. Plus, while he is the very definition of a "strapping young man" at over 6 feet tall and healthy as a horse the last few years, I still see him as the little boy who we handed over to doctors for open heart surgery twice in his first 8 years so I put a massive amount of energy into worry at a time like this. (He has so much stainless steel wire in his sternum from his two surgeries that he has to carry an operative report with him to explain why he sets off every metal detector...he thinks that's really cool.) :) Anyway, he arrived in Billings just fine and so far things seem to be going well. He'll be doing some "Habitat for Humanity" work with the Sioux indians around Billings as well as some service projects for the host church there. Next weekend will be their "fun" time, with time at a ski resort and some dog sledding. He's the photographer and videographer for his team, so he will be doing some cool stuff to document their week. He's also one of the cooks for the team, but he's a lot more excited about the video and photos! He can call us each day around midnight (our time), so we are just waiting anxiously for a call or text and my husband is trying to plan activities for us so that I don't just sit and eat, which is really helpful. I'm getting in a lot of activity, and focussing in on WW power foods to make sure I don't go over on my points. On to Thursday, I keep reminding myself that "I've got this!", even if my goal weight doesn't happen this week it WILL happen soon!


  1. One to go... you go girl! Congrats.

    BTW your son sounds great... What a great experience for him.

  2. Sherrie! You've got this! This is your week. Try not to worry about the scale. Stress can only cause it to do scary things. Try to think about what you're going to do to celebrate! So proud of you. 100 pounds is a big deal! I know, because I've been there.

    Bless your son while he is away on his mission trip.

  3. You have totally got this! Even if you DON'T get the full lbs this week, everything you've done is amazing and you are an inspiration.

  4. Sherrie - wishing you tons of luck on getting to goal in the coming days!!! Yes, keep yourself busy with your son being gone - sounds like he is going to have a great time and hopefully you will share some pics with us later. Lovin your blog...look at how much you have lost - wow - very inspiring to those of us who have hit walls!!!


  5. What a fantastic opportunity for that strapping young lad! I agree, it's time for mamas to be nervous nellies....wing stretching is much harder on mamas than the babes.
    Hang'll have a great week!