Thursday, March 12, 2009

a quiet week on the blog

This has been a very “heavy” week emotionally, that is the reason that I haven’t been blogging- on one hand I don’t want to diminish what has been happening by not blogging, but on the other hand I tend to seek to escape it by dwelling on shallow things and that’s the direction most blog entries I could write this week would go- that’s just how I deal with things, I use shallowness/humor as a defense mechanism. I won’t share their stories in detail here, out of respect for their privacy, but suffice to say that my best friend of 31 years is facing losing her mother in the next few days and my parents are dealing with the serious, likely fatal, health problems of their beloved dog of 10 years. I most assuredly lack the skills to say the right things to comfort either my friend or my parents (I envy those people that seem to know the right thing to say and do in these situations) but I sort of want to acknowledge them here and explain why the blog had been quiet. I’ll most likely be back later to blog something totally vapid and shallow, but it has it’s purpose.

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  1. Oh dear...Sadie Sue, what a blow it's going to be, or is now, for your folks.
    Is this "L's" mother? I didn't realize that she'd been ill. Words are so inadequate at time's like this...a pat, or a hug, really is enough...and just be there.
    Dear girl, you feel so much...I'm in tears as I type is so hard, and so lovely at the same time. How do we survive it?