Monday, March 23, 2009

the conquering fishermen

Here are a couple of pics from the boy's weekend away at the "Men and Boys Fishing Retreat". It was at Lake Tiger, a big lake 99 miles east of us. They had lots and lots of fishing (but no actual fish caught for either of them), Bible studies, Airsoft gun battles (a sort of plastic leaves welts but no actual injury- and Joey is covered in Airsoft welts!) and lots of good food for everyone made by John. The first picture is Joey in the boat they fished from.

This one is of John and the sunset over Lake Tiger- such a pretty sky!

They had a great time, I'm sure they're looking forward to the next time the church has the event, in October. They came home with lots of "bass bites"- fried cubes of bass- delicious, thank goodness someone on the trip actually caught some fish! :)


  1. Your photos are great, the sunset is beautiful. Sounds like a great time.

  2. Yea! That is a great sunset. Joey looks to be having a grand ol' time.

  3. Wow looks like a great time. One of my sons best memories is a weekend at Lake Okeechobee with my dad and I. We fished, ate, talked, and bonded. To a a12 year old it was heaven.

    Good for them! Hope they do it many more times. :)

  4. They got to have a male bonding fishy weekend, and you got a weekend doing your favorites too. It's a win-win for all!

  5. Looks beautiful there.
    You won Nature's Source cleaners from my blog. Congrats!