Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey la, hey la, my boyfriend's back

I'd like to balance some of the badness of today with the profoundly good karma that is generated by the return of the actor simply known as "My Boyfriend, George Clooney" to ER. My husband doesn't seem to mind that Mr. Clooney's name has been amended each time I say or type it to include his status as my official boyfriend, he's good that way. I read in the paper yesterday that he will be appearing in the final three episodes of ER, starting tonight. I have been known to bring my whole family running in fear that I have injured myself in response to the high pitched squeal that I let loose at the mere mention of his name, so I'll try to keep it down when I see him on the show tonight. :)


  1. Y'know....there is a real look of John in George, that I've never noticed before!!!
    Do you see it?

  2. Hi Sherrie:

    Sorry if I burst your bubble about Chris & Kenny. They keep it on the down-low, but it's true. It doesn't change my opinion of him in the least. I still love him like crazy, buy all his cds, & see his LIVE shows a couple times per year.

    Were you at his Ruth Eckerd Hall show when Brandi Carlisle opened? I was & it was FABULOUS!

    George is soooo HOT! I have a pic of him in my wallet.