Friday, March 20, 2009

Flying solo this weekend

I've been seeing these snarky/vintage pictures on my Aunt Susan's blog (which is supercool, you should check it out) for quite a while and I spent a good deal of work time today (shhh, don't tell) enjoying the Anne Taintor website. There is a great selection of them to fit any blog occasion, today I chose the pic to your right in celebration of my awesome coupon savings.

John and Joey are on a father and son fishing retreat with our church all weekend, so as the title of the blog says, I'm flying solo this weekend. No crazy plans, I'll probably catch up on some movies and the three weeks of "Heroes" languishing away on my DVR.

Tonight I did my grocery shopping on the way home from work, and I had one of my best weeks ever with coupons. For a weeks worth of groceries, my final bill was $27.81 and I saved $41.08 with coupons and BOGO deals- essentially, I brought home around $70 in groceries for under $30. I'm planning on taking a coupon class on the 30th, hopefully I'll learn how to save even more. When I got home from the grocery store, I went out to dinner at Golden Corral with my parents and my grandma- you can't beat that company for a meal. I just finished watching the movie "Fireproof" and now I'm trying to settle the dogs down before bed. I have three dachshunds, and they are all out of sorts with two of "their people" being out of the house. The 14 year old, hunchbacked doxie girl is just standing on the porch barking into the darkness. There's nothing there, I just think she doesn't know what to do if her Dad's not here. There's not much else happening here, but I'll be back on Sunday with photos of the conquering fishermen. (Let's hope they catch something...the last time they didn't even have a bite to show for three days of fishing!)


  1. woo-hoo on the weekend to yourself, and on the fantastic grocery savings! doesn't it feel good to watch that final total go down, down, down with each coupon?! i love it! please share if you get any really good tips during your coupon class!

  2. Oh you coupon savvy saving Mama you!
    Please, do share with us all what you learn from the coupon class, we need to save more.
    I'm watching Fireproof tonight! Jim brought it home for a Valentine's present because he knew I wanted it. Hope the pups settle down for ya.
    Bet the boys are having a blast...will they come home fishy and smelly?

  3. Isn't that Anne Traintor site awesome!?
    I love it!!