Friday, March 6, 2009

a quick coupon update...

Today I did my grocery shopping for the first time using an organized system for gathering and using coupons, and it worked out pretty well. My final out of pocket cost was only $32.20 for a weeks worth of groceries, and between coupons, clearance items and BOGO's I saved $51.66- so my total before those things would have been over $83 and essentially I got my groceries for just over 60% off! After a few weeks of gathering coupons, I should be able to save even more. I'm also getting hyped up about getting the CVS and Walgreens ads in the Sunday paper, I had a lot of fun last week matching up coupons to sales to get great deals on those last week. (Yes, I'm a bit of a dork...but that's ok, saving money is a really good thing!)


  1. How do you get so many coupons for the stuff you need and brand you buy?
    Do you get online coups?

  2. I get online coupons, and the store also takes competitor coupons so I use store coupons from Food Lion, Super Target, Dollar General and any others. I also cut out several sets of coupons each Sunday, so I have lots to choose from based on the sales.

  3. Dollar General takes coupons? Who knew????