Thursday, April 9, 2009

I got paid for freelance writing today! (Yes, I'm easily thrilled.)

About a week ago, I read in a magazine about doing freelance writing for Associated Content. They purchase freelance writing on topics of the writer's expertise, and also offer writing assignments based on topics that they choose. They don't pay much- if I do 2 or 3 articles a week over the course of a month I might make enough for a dinner out- but I'm just vain enough to be giddily thrilled by seeing my byline on an article and getting comments from readers. I've written two articles for them so far, one on the best vampire books for young adults and the other on preparing a child for open heart surgery. The second article is three times longer than the first, I'm still waiting on them to approve it. However, the vampire lit article was approved yesterday and sure enough, some cash from Associated Content showed up in my Paypal account today! If you'd like to read the article, here is the link to it:

Beyond Twilight: The Best Vampire Fiction for Young Adults
There is more to the teen vampire genre of books than Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. Here are five recommended vampire books for young adults, with plot summaries and notes of age appropriateness.


  1. Sherrie, you are an absolute natural at this type of writing, especially because of all your reading! You made the books sound so tantalizing! Good heavens, what a neat creative outlet for you! Maybe this will lead to something even bigger, who knows?
    By the way, Charlaine Harris is an excellent vampire writer who mixes great fun, into her books. I've read her for decades, long before she wrote her wonderful vampire themed stories. Sookie Stackhouse is the main character who gets in such cuckoo predicaments with the undead nation.
    Just another accomplishment for you to have under your belt before `40` hits!!!

  2. Hi Sherrie~
    You're gonna kill me dead, but I'm going to throw a tag your way...IF you want to do it.
    It's that 8 things tag that's floating around this week. Infared Goggles, who just got a new corgi puppy tagged me, and all the other corgi sites, what a dirty bird! She's an outstanding photographer.
    Hope all is well. We're coming to Florida to see the kids, then will go to Chapel Hill from Largo. Leaving here on the 27th.
    So...see you soon, coupon queen!