Thursday, April 30, 2009

April grocery savings

I tallied up my grocery savings for the month of April today, and I was amazed at how much I was able to save in my first full month of really organized, focussed couponing. The total was: $974.16! My goal was $750, so I'm really thrilled with this amount. The actual money out of pocket that we paid for all our groceries was just over $200. We had to go to Publix tonight to get some things for a school assignment Joey had (he had to write a step by step paper about how to do something- anything, of his choice. He chose "how to make a patty melt", then he had to make a video of him completing the steps he wrote.) While we were there, I used my 6 "buy 1 get 1 free" Schick razor coupons on the razors that were already BOGO- so I got 12 three and four packs of razors for essentially free- all I had to pay was tax. The cashier (who was about a 19 year old girl) got so flustered over my coupons, she kept saying "you know, I hate you. I am going to steal your coupons!" It was kind of odd, but John really got a kick out of how she so grudgingly announced "you saved $75.00 today at Publix." :) My "big" shopping trip will be Saturday, because that's when some of the new sales start- I'll make sure to avoid that cashier's line, because she'd probably combust if she saw the stack of coupons I have ready for THAT shopping trip!
Edit: Here's the video that Joey made for school. He filmed and edited it all himself, and wrote the music on Garageband. The best part was that we split the patty melt three ways after it was done- it was GOOD!


  1. Oh my...the woe of being a cashier, with YOU in her line!
    You and April have a contest going on I think, as far as coupon savings goes.
    We're here tonight, right across the street from the pool! Jim and David went to the Greek place for supper, I'm enjoying time a=lone! Heaven! Will stop by sometime, ok?

  2. hurray for good savings. I found your link at dealseeking and you asked for comments. You want a really cute background easy to upload go to "Cutest blog on the block" (just google it) and get one for free. There is a section I think its called blog secrets you can learn alot. I have a new blog that Im posting a bunch of articles that helped me get started its at I'm still editing but it should be published by tonight. I just started blogging full time this past Jan. welcome and your gonna luv it!!

  3. you can change the size of your video by changing the numbers for height and width to make it fit your screen. :)

  4. Hey, Joey's video was so awesome!
    I never knew that was the way to make a patty melt, and it was very informative, going through the steps. He created the music as well...goodness, he deserved a double AA on this project!
    Great job Joe!!