Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter pics...better late than never?

Here is a picture of Joey and I coloring eggs last Saturday night. I was a little worried that Joey might think he was "too old" for Easter events like that, but he didn't even hesitate when I asked if he wanted to color eggs. I boiled the eggs earlier in the day while John and Joey were at the gun range, and I almost ruined them. Since I have zero domestic skills, I really didn't know how long to boil an egg. I just put them on the stove and left them for a half hour- apparently that's not the right way to do it, because a lot of the shells cracked. Oh, well I never claimed to know my way around the kitchen! We did have a good time coloring our rubberized, vastly overcooked eggs anyway. We all had our own Easter baskets on Sunday morning too, there was a lot of chocolate around. We went to the sunrise service at church, then to my mother in law's house for lunch. It was a very full day, but we had a good time. (Oy, I just realized that I'm wearing the same exact shirt in the last three pics of myself I've posted here. Apparently, I really like that shirt!)
We don't have any big plans for the weekend, tomorrow the boys are going to the gun range and I'm going doing my weekly grocery shopping. It's a wild, wild life we live. :) I had another freelance article published this week, submitted a third and picked up assignments for two more. I'll post a link to my home page where you can see the articles I publish soon, if anyone is interested.
As of tomorrow, there are 32 days of school left for me, and a even less for Joey- summer is rapidly approaching, thank goodness!

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  1. Great pic...there's NO denying that child. Your genes have marked him!
    Sounds like you had a terrific Easter.

    Maybe, you could ask for a NEW shirt, for your FORTIETH birthday, hee hee.