Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good news on the job front!

The supervisor of all the school libraries in the county sent an email last night that sounds like good news for my job next year. A few months ago, I was told that each school would have to eliminate one of four jobs, with media specialist being one of the four possibilities. The email I just got, while full of loopholes and qualifiers, seems to indicate a much better outlook than that. It's a lot of doubletalk, but here's what it says:
"Based on our current understanding, you may complete your roster on the assumption
that media specialist positions will not be affected by the budget reductions." That's good news, as long as their "current understanding" and "assumptions" don't change at random.

This week Joey signed up for his classes for next year, his required classes are Bible, English, history, science, P.E. and math. His math class will be pre-algebra, it puts him on the accelerated math track so he can do "dual enrollment" classes in high school to complete his college math classes as a high school junior and senior. His elective class is media production (like making videos with a camcorder and computer software), it usually is only for grades 9-12, but the teacher is letting him in the class as a 7th grader because of his experience running the video camera at church. I'm fairly worried about the pre-algebra class, since I'm having a hard time keeping up with his regular 6th grade math this year! I'm NOT a math person- math is a dark and scary thing for me. We'll see how it goes, any math whizzes out there?


  1. I dread the day when Emmy brings me math homework, and asks for help. I was always lost in algebra, but will give credit to my high school Trig teacher for giving me some confidence in my skills, which helped me earn a decent grade! I learned that if you never have confidence that you can learn math, you never will! (I still stink at math, don't get me wrong!)

  2. It must be genetic! Your dad, Uncle Tim and I all flunked algebra the first time round in high school...we all had the same teacher too.
    Sigh....I can add and subtract, multiply & we REALLY need more skills than that>>>? Thank heavens, that it appears, on the assumption, that your job, May Be Safe!!!