Sunday, February 28, 2010

February's end

It's a lazy Sunday here, so I thought I'd try to improve on my blogging record with (gasp) one more entry before February sneaks out the back door.

Last week was the motherlode of concert tickets, I bought tix to 4 different shows. I *finally* got Ron White tickets, after waiting months for them to finally go one sale. The St Pete baseball team (the Tampa Bay Rays) have a summer concert series where they offer, for the price of a game ticket, post-game concerts on the infield. I grabbed tickets to three of them, I love watching live baseball almost as much as I love concerts so it's a great deal for me. At the end of April I'll be seeing John Fogerty. (Did you hear that? John freakin' Fogerty! I **adore** John Fogerty!), then one week later the first weekend of May we're seeing ZZ Top and (on my birthday, no less) Hall & Oates. John thinks that watching baseball is akin to watching paint dry, but he's a good guy so he'll be attending all the games/concerts with me.

I got my 30 pound star at Weight Watchers last week, I've lost 30.2 pounds since the first week of August. My goal is to lose another 10 before summer vacation, that's about 14 weeks away so I think it's do-able as long as I don't leap headfirst into a bucket of ribs and Coca Cola on a regular basis. :)

Joey's doing well at school, in reading class he has to read enough books to get 13 "Accelerated Reader" points, that's usually 1-2 books every grading period. He has almost 100 points for this grading period, he absolutely consumes books! He's making a "vodcast" (video podcast) about one of the books that he just read, I'll post it on here when he's all done with it.

I'll leave you with one of the songs that I'm desperately hoping John Fogerty plays, along with his better known CCR and solo hits:

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  1. Oh my gosh Sherrie...that's a fantastic weight loss girl!!! Kudos and congrats. It's not easy, especially living with two men who adore cooking.