Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is here!

I managed to miss the whole month of March in my blogging, sigh...I'm simply not a dependable blogger, I'm afraid! April has been a good month, lots of concerts and a steady countdown to the end of the school year less than two months away. This past Friday I saw one of my favorite singers in concert, Colin Hay. My seats were 4th row center, no more than 10 feet from his microphone stand. I got to talk to him for a few moments after the show, and got up the courage to ask him about two indecipherable lines from one of my favorite songs of his, "Wayfaring Sons". I've listened to the song probably over 100 times, and the lines that I hear are "twar haims are better than yen/some people they get maimed"....doesn't make any sense, does it? He laughed, then patiently explained that the first line is sung in a Scottish dialect slang, and means "two homes are better than one", while the second line is all in English and I'd simply misunderstood the last word- it's "some people they get none". After he explained it, he said "Now you can finally sleep, right? You understand it now?" He's really cool, and a beautiful singer and guitarist. Here is a video of the show that I went to, the line that was puzzling me is at 1:30 in

I've also been sticking with Weight Watchers, if I can lose 1.4 (1 point 4, not 14!) more pounds, I'll have lost 40 pounds since August. One of my friends at work told me last week that I MUST go shopping because my clothes are all baggy. So, on Saturday I went to Old Navy- where I haven't been able to shop "in store" for a couple years because they only offer plus size clothes online, not in the retail store. Not only did I find regular, NOT plus size clothes, I found that I could wear their clothes two sizes smaller than I had expected to fit into! I got a pair of work pants, a belt, two light sweaters, a shirt and a cami. Today I wore some of the new clothes to work, and one of the teacher's assistants (who is Puerto Rican) yelled, "ay, hot mami!" when I walked in. Then this evening I went to get a haircut and my stylist finally noticed that I was losing weight- 40 pounds must be the magic number for folks to actually notice, lol.
We have a concert this Saturday, we're seeing John Fogerty after the Rays game in St Pete- I'm really looking forward to it, I *love* John Fogerty!

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  1. Sherrie, oh...Sherrie...
    You're my inspiration and role model! You've done a fantastic job losing 4-0 pounds since August. Holy Smokes! Bet you feel so much better! I do, just with my measly 19 lb. loss. So glad you bought new clothes, and folks are starting to whistle at ya!