Monday, February 1, 2010

First entry of 2010

I was reading blog entries by my family and friends, and thinking about how much I enjoyed keeping up with them, when I realized that I haven't blogged since the week of Christmas. Time flies, and I didn't blog at all in January. So what has been happening in our world?
Joey turned 13 in early December, and (so far) shows no sign of teenage horribleness, he's a remarkably pleasant kid to have around. He's finishing up his job as the videographer for the girls varsity basketball team at school, with conference, district, etc. championships all coming up this month. He's also reading up a storm, most recently tearing through series of 500 page fantasy books called "Fablehaven". Last night he asked me to read a short story that he wrote to read the the first grade students at his school, and he totally wrote it in the style of his current favorite author, Gary Paulsen. It was about a hunter who nearly shoots Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but instead he and Rudolph become roommates for every day of the year except Christmas Eve. He just applied to be in National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) at school, he needed 20 hours of volunteer time this school year to apply and when we added it all up he had almost 70 just since the end of August, between running cameras for church services and cleaning up at the gun club that he and John belong to.
John and I have been going to Weight Watchers since the first week of August, and most weeks it goes pretty well. I'm down 27 pounds and he's down 22. As a result, I got to reduce my blood pressure meds from two a day to one. Two weeks into the new dosage, my BP is still beautiful so taking a bit of weight off seemed to really help.
I've been continuing to catch up with some of my very best friends from high school, we talk on Facebook or through texting every day. We've also been going out to eat once a month, that meal is coming up this Thursday. It's so much fun, I really look forward to that meal out with my old friends.
We've been enjoying having my parents and my grandma here with us for the winter. Joey loves to cook for them every once in a while, and to just generally hang around with them every day when he gets home from school.
We have a few concerts coming up, I'm seeing my old favorite Colin Hay in Clearwater in April, and comedian Craig Ferguson in March. John and I are both seeing comedian Ron White in May, he is really funny. I'm hoping that some more concerts pop up in the summertime, we haven't been to our usual amount of shows recently. Whew...when I don't blog for a month I appear to have a lot to say, lol!


  1. Oh man, you posted!!!Great reading you again girlie. Seeing Craig Ferguson and Ron White would be a gas. I really "dig" Craig...when I can't sleep, just listening to him talk with those crazy mannerisms, makes me giggle.
    Now teach your mama how to save all that coupon money before they head North, ok? She said that she was enjoying cooking up her pork that you helped them get.
    Joey, glad he's still sweet.
    Great job at WW, wow! I've changed my eating habits dramatically since NY eve, and have lost ten so far. It's a mind game isn't it? It's a constant conversation with yourself, nonono...bad dog! I mean, nonono, not worth eating that in the long run...that helps stop. Should post ugly fat pics in the refrig too. Yeah, yeah, must do that.
    Love being back at the library..first day today went well. Busy little library.
    Take care. You'll have your folks a little longer, bet that makes you happy..Gram will have a Florida birthday this year.
    Hugs to all.

  2. Impressive with WW. Of course I manage to keep up with you some on FB -- but I'm glad to see you posting. Keep 'em coming.