Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer vacation is in full swing!

As you may gather from the title of this blog entry, this is the first full week of summer vacation for me. (The flip flop pictured are not mine, but I do think they are fabulous! My flip flops of choice are purple and blue Crocs Cleo flip flops- so comfortable, I wear them everywhere in the summer!) John has to work in the summer, but Joey and I are enjoying time off work/school to the fullest. All week, we've been sleeping in until a disrespectable time (9:30, 10:30 something like that)then having a mellow day until John gets home. Yesterday we went to "Plato's Closet" (a consignment shop for teenagers) and got Joey some new jeans (with skulls on them, of course) for dirt cheap then had a leisurely lunch at Chick-fil-A. We have Vacation Bible School all this week, Joey is in the "youth" class and John and I are doing the snacks.
We went today and bought a new couch, as our circa 2000 couch has completely given up- springs are sprung and cushions are sagging to the extent that we have to rescue the dogs as they fall into the abyss that used to be their favorite couch spot. The new couch will be arriving on Saturday. On the way home from the furniture store, the new principal of my school called my cell to say that he's "shifting resources" (that's code for messing with people's jobs) and he's put me in charge of the school morning news show, complete with a class of students to be responsible for 60 minutes daily and somehow coax a profanity free live 10 minute news show out of each day. It should be interesting, I haven't actually had a class of my own! I just signed up for the TV production class that the school board offers in two weeks to remind myself how to use all the equipment. Oy!
Tomorrow is Joey's yearly cardiology checkup, he'll have an echo, EKG and an office visit with his regular cardiologist. As always, we're hoping to hear "nothing has changed, see you in a year"- feel free to send good mojo our way if you're reading this before 9AM on Friday.
Joey got his report card a few days ago, he did manage to get all A grades for this grading period. He also got his standardized testing results, he did great on those as well. The only disturbing yet somehow amusing score- on "Biblical Knowledge" he scored a 666. Yes, he scored the number of the devil on his Bible standardized testing. I found that worrisome at first, but we've decided it's just a statistical anomoly.
We're heading off on a short camping trip early next week, just a few days at Fort Desoto to try everything out in the new camper. That's all the news from here for now, I'll no doubt post another blog tomorrow after Joey's cardiology appointment. Here's hoping that all of you are enjoying a mellow summer as well!


  1. Oh my...what a newsy entry!
    So much is going on!
    That truly is a little eerie about Joey's score...eekkk. Well...your new school endeavor could be taxing or invigorating.
    Your camping weekend should be lots of fun. So glad you got such a great deal on the camper/suburban combo!

  2. Oh, how I miss summer vacations...sigh. The new casting class should prove interesting! I smell future blog fodder! Congrats to Joey on the excellent report card, and YAY for a new couch! Enjoy the camping trip! Hope the weather cooperates for you all.

  3. wow that definately was a run down of all of it. and who couldn't use a new couch. NOW the whole 666 thing run for your life or ask if you can answer another ?>