Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cleaning fools!

We are going on vacation to Indiana starting at the end of next week, so this week and next are packed with all the big and little preparations needed to leave home behind for a couple weeks. We are having a friend house sit/dog sit for us, because our dogs are 15, 14 and 7 years old we don't feel comfortable leaving them at a kennel, especially our two geriatric doxie girls. Since we will have someone staying at our house, we've been cleaning like crazy. I always joke with people that, while I have a strong OCD/clean freak gene, I'm also fairly lazy. So, my house isn't sparkling clean all the time, but at least I feel bad about it. :) Really, it's fairly clean but we're doing DEEP cleaning before our house sitter arrives- we took down all the vertical blinds and cleaned them all, scrubbed the shower tiles, that sort of thing. Heck, tomorrow I'm even giving my wirehaired dachshund a bath before I take her to the groomer (for a bath and hair cut)- wouldn't want the groomer to think I'm a bad dog parent! Today we also got new tires on our camper that we will haul behind our SUV, we're slowly getting everything done. I have a class tomorrow on running a TV production class at school, sort of a reminder of how to use all the equipment. It should be interesting, but it starts at 8:30 and I haven't gotten up before 9 in a couple weeks- I enjoy my summer vacation to it's fullest extent! Joey got the rest of his braces on today, he'd only had the top row on before. He was not a happy camper, for sure. But, he did get camoflague colored rubber bands on his braces so he did like that! He is really excited about vacation, he can't wait to see his grandparents and great grandparents and aunts and uncles (and greats) and (probably most of all) his cousins. It won't be long until we're there!

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  1. I love reading your entries Sherrie, you're so.....you! Cuckoo head!