Friday, June 12, 2009

Doing the happy dance over the cardiology appointment

Joey's cardiology visit went beautifully, his regular doctor did an EKG, an echocardiogram and three people listened to his heart and then the cardiologist said "see ya next year!" which is his shorthand that nothing has changed- always good news. We asked for more details, and he said that there is "minimal" stenosis (narrowing) below Joey's aortic valve, but that it isn't a membrane blockage like he's had removed before- what's there now is just scar tissue from his first two surgeries. He said that the leakage in his aortic valve is "trivial" and it's nothing to worry about. He also said that since we are three years out from the 2nd surgery with no recurrence of the membrane blocking his aortic valve "maybe the 2nd time is the charm"- meaning that he should be in the clear for quite some time. All in all, it was a very reassuring doctor's visit. John took the whole day off work for the cardiology appointment, because in the past they've sent us back to the children's hospital for more tests, etc and it's been an all day thing more than once. This time though, we were home by 10:15 AM! Now we're just getting ready for the "parents night" at Vacation Bible School tonight- I can't wait, Hooters donated 400 wings and I haven't had those things for a good 20 years. I consumed a mountain of them my senior year of high school but I haven't had any since! I am gung ho to have a dozen or so tonight! Yummm....


  1. What a great news day for you all!
    Y'all deserve a little Hooters!

  2. YEA! This is such heartwarming news. I am so happy for all of you.

    I have to note the irony of HOOTERS donating to a Vacation Bible School shindig. Heh.

  3. wooo whooo that is fantastic! gotta love good news and now have a great weekend