Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things have been busy around here, as evidenced by the nearly 6 weeks between blog entries!
Joey started something new at school, he was an endzone videographer at the homecoming football game last week. He stands under the goal posts and films the touchdowns. We made sure he had lots of water (and Coke!) to drink, but by the end of the game his hair was absolutely soaked and slicked down to his head. At the end of each quarter, the teams alternate end zones so he would run from one end zone to the other at full speed, with an alarmingly expensive camcorder and a tripod as big as him. He got some great shots, he'll be doing more of that next year during football season.
I had the pleasure of getting together with some old friends from high school a few weeks ago, some of them I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years. We talked and laughed and enjoyed some great pizza, and I ended up not getting home until nearly 2 AM! I was zombie-like at work the next day, but it was worth it to reconnect with old friends. A week from today, I'm going to an alumni event for my high school with some of them; we made a committment to see each other a few times a year and not let decades go by again before we get together again.
Next weekend (the first full weekend in November) is the Jamboree at Joey's school and John's work. They have a midway, concerts, food vendors- the pastor says it's "a county fair without the smell", and that seems pretty accurate. We're really looking forward to this one because we'll get to see a comedian that we really like, named Tim Hawkins. John and Joey have been watching videos of him for about a year and a half, so they're excited to see him in concert. Here's a video from his most recent DVD, it should be a lot of fun.


  1. Sounds like life is really, really good right now.
    So glad that you reconnected with the old gang, and that Joe is having fun doing his vid thing.
    John's just about ready for a bday. Soon you'll have your neighbors back down there. I think they are ready, now that weather is so dreadful here!

  2. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous series of reasons not to be blogging! :D