Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's (almost) out!

I have to work until June 4th, but Joey's last day of school is tomorrow. He's been getting a little hyped about the end of school, and it's showing in the amount of time he's spending in the detention room! He had two detentions all year prior to last week, but somehow managed to earn three in only the last 8 days! This past week, John would be waiting for him to get OUT of detention and I'd get an email that he had another one-he didn't do anything malicious, he just has an abundance of energy and has trouble sitting quietly at his desk. Tomorrow is a half day, I told him to be excessively polite and compliant, we don't want ANY more discipline notices. Despite that, he is destroying his final exams- he got a 97 in history, a 98 in science and a 110 (none wrong, plus extra credit) on his vocabulary final. I think that he's going to get all A's this grading period, but we'll have to wait for the report card next week to know for sure.
We sold our "old" popup camper tonight, and made reservations to take our new travel trailer to Fort Desoto Park in St Pete in a few weeks- that place was booked solid for the near future. There is a beautiful beach there, it's a really nice county park.
Tomorrow is my big shopping trip for groceries, I must have officially become an "extreme couponer" because last week the manager of the store actually came over to the line that I was in and pulled my cart out of line so he could go through it and make sure my items matched my coupons! Everything matched up, I'm very careful to make sure that I only use the coupons for the things I buy, but I was a little peeved that he would do that. Hopefully he was satisfied that I'm not a scammer and he won't paw through my groceries tomorrow. Personal space, dude! :)


  1. Whaaaat? A grocery groper? That's just rude!
    Are coupons that much of a "problem" for stores down there, or are you just a marked woman? Bulging pockets with papers sticking out?
    Joey's a hoot.
    So glad that your pop up sold so fast.

  2. I totally can't believe the manager would come over to do that...they must have had some shoppers out there trying to scam the system. Very out of line though, as it makes you feel like you are doing something wrong!

  3. James Taylor is scheduled to be on the Tonight Show tomorrow as Jay's last musical guest.