Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Colin Hay song...beautiful!

You may remember that last month I went to a Colin Hay concert and I mentioned that he did a new song that just destroyed me- it took me another two songs into the show to regain my composure, but it was a beautiful, touching, memorable song. I finally found a video of him doing that song, called "Water Over You". Some background about the meaning of the song: he said that as a child he used to watch old Western movies where they throw a bucket of water on sleeping cowboys to wake them up. His father would take him and his siblings into the woods to play hide & seek and would sometimes fall asleep under a tree. They would pretend to throw water on him and say, "You have to wake up. We threw water over you." In this song, he's wishing that the magical "water over you" can make his elderly parents immortal. It's devastating, but the words and guitar work are beautiful. The CD that it's on "American Sunshine" comes out in August. Here's the vid:


  1. Beautiful indeed. Perfectly in place for Mother's Day -- I consider how different my life might be if my mother had lived longer.

    *sniff* you were right, Sherrie. Waterworks.

  2. beautiful song...thanks for introducing me to his music!

  3. Oh my, that song is a killer.
    Love hurts.
    Lovely, lovely.