Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joey came home from school yesterday with the news that he'd scored an actual paying job thanks to his work with the TV production class at school. He will be videotaping all of the varsity girl's basketball games for his school. He'll get paid $5 a game, plus a free meal at the away games. That may not sound like much, but considering that his weekly allowance is $7.50, the two games a week he'll tape will more than double his income. The pay is a bonus, I think he just enjoys being involved with the team and doing the videotaping- he really likes the TV production class and all the things that he's learned there. Tonight was the first game that he taped, his next one is on Tuesday. We told him that he could give it a try, but if he doesn't have time to get his homework done he'll have to stop doing it- hopefully he can fit homework in.
I had a great coupon shopping day today- I got $225.80 in groceries at Publix for $77.30. In fact, I qualified for a $15 rebate on some of the things that I bought so I'll get $15 of that back later and my final cost will be even less.
The concert season is getting back up to speed here, I have a show in two weeks (a bunch of local bands are performing Pink Floyd's classic album "The Wall" live, song by song) and I bought tickets for a Dec 30 Rick Springfield show a few days ago...I've seen Rick many times and it's always a LOT of fun. This show is at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, so John is begrudingly going along (mainly as the driver, he's not quite the Rick Springfield fan that I am!)

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  1. What an opportunity for your Joey!
    Hope it works out, and doesn't interfere with anything.
    Have fun seeing Rick again...poor John will just have to bite the bullet! You saved enough money for special treats! Like mocha pumpkin frappacino cappacino...blah, blah, blah!!!!