Friday, February 13, 2009

Camp Boggy Creek

We went to Camp Boggy Creek this past weekend, and as always we had a great time. It's a camp that Paul Newman and General Norman Schwarzkopf started for kids in Florida with serious illnesses- heart defects, cancer, sickle cell, etc. We go for the heart defects family weekends, it's a chance for Joey to spend time with other kids who face the same medical challenges as him and we get to talk to other parents whose kids have heart defects. This is our 8th trip there, and the 6th time that we've had "Mista Bill" as our camp pal who spends the whole weekend playing with Joey. He was the very first male volunteer approved when the camp opened 12 years ago and he's a great friend to Joey. Joey spent a lot of time in the woodshop making a cool gold sword and an ammo box for his BB guns, and he also did archery, swimming, fishing, boating and had a great time at the dance. He even took his camcorder and made a video of some of things he did that weekend. Here are a few pics, Joey's video (Joey only appears in the spaghetti eating clip, he was behind the camera for the rest) and a great video that I found on YouTube about the camp. The first pic on top is of Joey and his new friend Anthony eating spaghetti at lunch...with no silverware. This is a tradition at Boggy, eating spaghetti with your face! It's messy but a lot of fun. The second pic is Joey and Anthony with their hair colored and styled for the dance at Boggy, the third is Joey with Mista Bill at the dance and the last one is Joey at archery, one of his favorite things to do at camp. We had such a good time, Camp Boggy Creek really is a magical place.


  1. Oh Lordy, I think Joey had a darn good time!

  2. Sherrie, I hope you get over your darn ol' cold soon. Nothing more miserable!
    Jim's had his for a month now, and is seeing the doc tomorrow, finally.
    Get well!

  3. How incredibly awesome for all of you! Eating spaghetti with your face? I don't think I could do that. Who'd hold back my hair?